​​​​​​​​PRS and PRS Global Open Resident Advisory Board

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Ali Abtahi, DO​
​Iowa City, IA
​Amjed Abu-Ghname, MD
Houston, TX​
Nikhil Agrawal, MD​
Houston, TX​
​Malke Asaad, MD
​Houston, TX
​Said Azoury, MD
Philadelphia, PA​
Marten Basta, MD
Providence, RI
Justin Bellamy, MD
New York, NY
Alicia R. Billington, MD, PhD​
​Tampa, FL
​Kaitlin Boehm, MD
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada​
​Íris Brito, MD
Coimbra, Portugal
​David Chi, MD
​St. Louis, MO
Daniel Cho, MD​
​Seattle, WA
Joshua Cohen, MD
New York, NY​
Min-Jeong Cho, MDDallas, TX
​Karen Chung, MD
Toronto, Canada​
Riley Dean, MD​
​San Diego, California
Francesco Egro, MD​
Pittsburgh, PA​
Joseph Firriolo, MD
Sacramento, CA
Jordan  Frey, MDNew York, NY
​Konstantinos Gasteratos, MD
Thessaloniki, Greece​
Jared Garlick, MD​
Salt Lake City, UT​
​José Israel Espino Gaucin
​Mexico City, Mexico
​Austin Ha, MD
​St. Louis, MO
​Austin Hembd, MD
Dallas, TX​
Geoffrey Hespe, MDAnn Arbor, MI
Christopher Homsy, MD
New Orleans, LA​
​Lindsay Janes, MD
​Chicago, IL
​Michael Hu, MD
Pittsburgh, PA​
Rami Kantar​, MD
​New York, NY
Efstathios Karamanos, MD
 San Antonio, TX
​Aaron Kearney, MD
Chicago, IL​
​Michael Keyes, MD
Louisville, KY​
​Ankur Khajuria, MD
London, UK​
Kevin Kinuthia, MD
Nairobi, Kenya
Casey Kraft, MDColumbus, OH
​Eduardo Brenes Leñero, MD
Costa Rica, San José ​
​Zeshaan Maan, MD
Stanford, CA
Prakash Mathew, MD
​Miami, FL
​Karan Mehta, MD
New York, NY​
​Lily Mundy, MD
Durham, NC​
​Rajiv Parikh, MD
St. Louis, MO​
Nichole A. Phillips, MD
Boston, MA
​Jeremy Powers, MD
Richmond, VA​
Elie Ramly, MD
New York, NY
Mohamad Rachadian Ramadan​, MD, BmedSc
Jakarta, Indonesia
​William Rifkin, MD
New York, NY​
​Daniela Rocca, MD
Buenos Aires, Argentina​
​Tyler Safran, MD
Montreal, Quebec, Canada​
Shivangi Saha, MD
New Delhi, India ​
Ara  Salibian , MD
New York, NY
​Kyle Sanniec, MD
​Dallas, TX
Ira Savetsky, MD
New York, NY​
Esteban Elena Scarafoni, MD​
​Buenos Aires, Argentina
​Murilo Secanho, MD
São Paulo, Brazil
Ronnie Shammas, MD​
Durham, NC
Rami Sherif, MD
Ann Arbor, MI
​Anna Steve, MD
Calgary, AB, Canada​
​Alexander Sun, MD
Baltimore, MD​
Erin Taylor, MDBoston, ​ MA
Andrew Timberlake, MD​
​New York, NY
​Marcarena Vizcay, MD
Buenos Aries, Argentina​
Andrew Weinstein, MD
New York, NY
​Otto Ziegler, MD
​Lima, Peru

Thank you to our active and engaged Resident Advisory Board members from across the world. Members of the PRS and PRS Global Open Resident Advisory Board actively participate in 3 of the 5 activities:

  1. Participating with #PRSJournalClub on Facebook ​
  2. Participating in #PRSGrandRounds on Facebook (via Facebook Live) 
  3. Interacting with PRS and PRS Global Open on Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram
  4. Submitting blogs to the PRS Resident Chronicles
  5. Serving as a peer reviewer for PRS and PRS Global Open

Membership is considered on a rolling basis and updated quarterly.​

We also proudly present the Resident Ambassadors to our Editorial Boards:

2020 PRS Resident Ambassadors: Min-Jeong Cho, MD; Casey Kraft, MD; Ara Salibian, MD.
2020 PRS Global Open Resident Ambassadors: Mohamad Rachadian Ramadan, MD; Anna Steve, MD; Macarena Vizcay, MD.

View our Editorial Board​.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us to get involved.  ​