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A news magazine for the nation's 41,000 emergency physicians, Emergency Medicine News provides breaking coverage of advances, trends, and issues within the field, as well as clinical commentary by Editorial Board Chairman James R. Roberts, MD, a leader in the specialty. The news magazine features comprehensive special reports, illuminating profiles, and dynamic editorials.

All U.S. emergency physicians receive Emergency Medicine News as a complimentary subscription. If you do not receive it and are an emergency physician, you must contact the American Medical Association at 800-262-3211 or the American Osteopathic Association at 312-202-8000 to ensure your address is listed correctly.

You do not have to be a member of either organization to be included on the list. If you have notified the AMA or the AOA that you do not wish to receive promotional material, you will not receive a complimentary subscription to EMN unless you change this designation. If you are not an emergency physician, are interested in an institutional subscription, or reside outside the United States, you may subscribe to EMN by calling 800-638-3030.

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